Bitcoin bookmakers in Canada

Bitcoin is the de facto standard cryptocurrency that is widely used as a payment method today. As a result, there are many Bitcoin bookmakers available on the market. Bitcoin is both secure and private. It’s powered by peer-to-peer technology, which removes the involvement of fiat financial institutions. Continue reading to learn more about the technology and what the best Bitcoin bookmakers in Canada are.

List of the best Bitcoin bookmakers in Canada for esports betting

Added security, no transaction fees and instant payments. What is there not to like about using Bitcoins as a payment method when betting on esports online today? Below we listed our favorite Bitcoin bookmakers.

Bitcoin Bookmakers

200 € Bonus

$1000 Bonus

200$ Bonus

$200 Bonus

Bitcoin bookmaker payment review

What is Bitcoin?

You probably heard the world decentralized before. Bitcoin and decentralization go hand in hand. There is no central institution governing Bitcoin; it’s a vast peer-to-peer payment network known as the blockchain. Blockchain is a shared public ledger. The sender and receiver only know the financial details and information in a transaction. Compare that to fiat money transactions. Then a financial institution will mediate the transaction (contract) and pass information between parties. The data is encrypted but not to the extent of Bitcoin transactions. The blockchain removes the third-party authorization of contracts. It leaves it all up to the blockchain to ensure that only the sender and receiver get the necessary information to complete a transaction.

Why you should use Bitcoin?

In short, freedom, privacy, security, and instant transactions both when depositing and withdrawing from a bookmaker.

What to do when making a deposit with Bitcoin

  1. You need to create a Bitcoin wallet account
  2. You then have to purchase Bitcoin through your BTC wallet
  3. Then go to the payment section of the BTC bookmaker
  4. Choose Bitcoin as a payment method
  5. Enter the amount you want to deposit
  6. The bookmaker will ask for your BTC wallet code
  7. Input your wallet code and any other information you are asked for and confirm payment

The money will arrive instantly

How to withdraw funds using Bitcoin

The same way with the exception for choosing to withdraw instead of deposit in the payment section. You will be asked for your Bitcoin wallet code. The money will arrive in your BTC wallet instantly, or up to a few minutes.

Read about all Payment Methods before you make your decision!

FAQ Using Bitcoin as a bookmaker payment method


Using Bitcoins as a payment method isn’t any more complicated than other payment methods. The technology behind Bitcoin can be confusing, but there’s no need to understand its details. Bitcoin bookmakers are an excellent option for betting, especially if you want added security, privacy and instant transactions. Just be prepared for the considerable Bitcoin currency swings!