Rocket League Betting

Rocket League betting is fantastic. Imagine soccer inside a giant cage, but instead of players, you have rocket-powered cars driving and flying around trying to score goals at each other. This game is unique, and thanks to its soccer elements, Rocket League esports is a lot of fun to both watch and bet at.

Rocket League betting in Canada

Rocket League betting in Canada is possible in most established sportsbooks. The frequency of major leagues and tournaments is lower than the most popular types of esports like CSGO. So, you won’t be able to find Rocket League odds 24/7. Betting wise, Rocket League is a lot of fun. If you never played the game, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Matches are typically played 2v2 or 3v3 in a first to X goals win, with three to five game rounds in total. Same as with soccer, the teams tries to outscore each other, but with rocket-powered vehicles!

Rocket League betting sites in Canada

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History of Rocket League

You could say that Rocket League was conceived in 2008 when the game developer Psyonix released the car-soccer game Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. The game wasn’t very popular despite its uniqueness and replayability. Psyonix announced Rocket League in 2014, as a small game studio, they relied on content creation on Twitch and YouTube to reach players. When the game was released in 2015 for Windows PC and PlayStation 4, it was an instant hit – wildly exceeding everyone’s expectations. In addition to being free-to-play, one large contributor to Rocket League’s success is that it can be played cross-platform. With the game being very spectator friendly, Rocket League streams quickly garnered a lot of viewership numbers on popular streaming platforms. With large audiences, online bookmakers were quick to start offering Rocket League betting.

Evolution of Rocket League Tournaments

Upon the game’s release, it became evident that people enjoyed watching Rocket League as much as they liked to play it. Within the first week of the release, players had already organized Rocket League tournaments online. Rocket League was more or less made for streaming and esports. While it’s easy to understand the game, the gameplay features extremely advanced game mechanics, taking a lot of practice and skill to master. Within a year of releasing the game, Psyonix launched an official Rocket League esports tournament named Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS). Psyonix did everything right and provided their player base with a complete esports ecosystem including structured competitive environments to compete in, professional tournaments for the best Rocket League players with large prize pools and venues for LAN showdowns. Bookmakers started offering Rocket League betting on RLCS from day one.

Popular Rocket League Tournaments Today

Rocket League Championship Series X or RLCS X in short, is the main esports tournament for Rocket League. It’s the tournament you will commonly find Rocket League odds for in bookmakers. The X is an evolution of the original RLCS. Each RLCS X season is split into three; fall, winter and spring. Each split has its format. Any team can register to RLCS X and try to qualify for the playoffs and the majors. In addition to the different splits, the RLCS X is divided into different regions; North America, Europe, South America and Oceania. Currently, the total prize pool across all geographical areas is $4,5 million. It’s played cross-platform in a 3v3-players format.

In addition to RLCS X, there’s also RLCS: The Grid which is a weekly professional league. The Grid is unique in the way that there’s no central production around the streaming coverage of the tournament. Instead, the participating teams and their players are responsible for producing their own Rocket League streams and broadcasting their gameplay and matches. This format has proved to be hugely popular with fans getting to be close-up and personal with their favorite Rocket League players.

Popular Rocket League teams and organizations

The most popular Rocket League teams are from North America. Canadian Rocket League pro SquishyMuffinz helped put Cloud9 on the Rocket League since RLCS season 4. The North American roster of SquishyMuffinz, Gimmick and Torment was the longest-standing roster in the last couple of years but was disbanded in 2020. Canada’s fix star moved onto NRG, another top-rated and storied North American Rocket League organization. Other people Rocket League teams include Team Envy, Team BDS, Vitality, Spacestation Gaming, Top Blokes, Kansas City Pioneers, The Peeps, G2 Esports and Barça Esports.

Rocket League betting FAQ


Rocket League esports has been on a slow and steady rise for a couple of years now. It’s waiting to explode and become a tier 1 esport. Rocket League is easily accessible, outcomes in professional matches are decided by skill 99% of the time, there are two teams trying to score goals at each other. The premise of Rocket League esports is perfect for betting. So, what’s keeping Rocket League betting markets at a minimum? One reason why Rocket League odds isn’t offered very often is that Psyonix doesn’t allow other tournament organizers to run tournaments with prize pools that are greater than $5,000. If Psyonix opened up the Rocket League ecosystem, more professional tournaments could be organized which would allow for more Rocket League betting.