Visa/MasterCard bookmakers in Canada

We combined Visa and MasterCard into one review. Because, in reality, the only difference between them is the logo of your credit or debit card. Similarly, when it comes to Visa bookmakers versus MasterCard bookmakers, there is no difference. A bookmaker that accepts Visa will accept MasterCard and vice versa. You will find Visa and MasterCard payment options in every Canadian bookie. To find a bookmaker in the jungle, we filtered out the best Visa/MasterCard bookmakers for you. Check the list below.

List of the best Visa/MasterCard bookmakers in Canada for esports betting

The primary benefit of choosing a Visa/MasterCard bookmaker is that it’s a standard payment method available everywhere. If you have a Canadian bank account, you will likely have a Visa or MasterCard in your wallet, ready to use.

Visa and Mastercard Bookmakers

200 € Bonus

200$ Bonus

$200 Bonus

$1000 Bonus

Visa/MasterCard payment review

Visa and MasterCard are the default payment method in the world. Both are payment network, processing payment between parties involved in transactions; bank, sender and receiver. Neither Visa nor MasterCard issued cards themselves. It’s the bank you use that issues the card you have in your wallet. Visa/MasterCard bookmakers are great because of the flexibility the payment method offers. You will use your card for betting on esports, buying groceries or paying electricity bills online. No need to add eWallets, Bitcoin wallets or read about new fintech solutions.

How to deposit and withdraw money in Visa/MasterCard bookmakers

On the off-chance that you never used your credit or debit card when paying for things online, we’ll go through the simple steps below. The process is more or less identical regardless of which Visa/MasterCard bookmakers you use.

How to make a deposit using Visa or MasterCard

We are assuming that you have either a Visa or MasterCard in your wallet

  1. Head over to the payment section of your Visa/MasterCard bookmaker
  2. Choose deposit and choose Visa or MasterCard
  3. Enter the amount you wish to enter along with your credit or debit card details
  4. Press confirm and authorize the transaction through your phone, security device or text message (depends on the authorization method your bank use)
  5. Money is credited to your bookmaker account instantly

How to withdraw using Visa or MasterCard

Withdrawing is simple. Instead of choosing deposit, pick withdraw. Select which card you want to deposit to. Enter the amount and proceed. The transaction will take up to 5 working days to arrive in your bank account.

Read about all Payment Methods before you make your decision!

FAQ Visa/MasterCard as a payment method


If you want to get started with esports betting quickly, without setting up any new payment solution, then simply reach into your wallet and take out your credit or debit card. To get started with betting in Visa/MasterCard bookmakers is incredibly simple. It’s not always the best option though, using an eWallet or fintech solutions have some perks, making it worthwhile to set up.